Skystone Synergy

the new integrity & emergency management standard

We're Skystone International

a leading provider of
integrity and safety services
for the energy industry

Skystone is the industry leader in integrity engineering, inspection services, cathodic protection and emergency response planning for the oil & gas industry across Western Canada.

Our Advantage


From cloud-based, offline-capable data capture tools to the latest in asset management practices, Skystone continually integrates best-of-class solutions with our programs.


Bringing together integrity services, emergency management and our regulatory expertise, Skystone provides a tailored approach and unique perspective to pipeline and asset risk management.


Through our processes, responsiveness and commitment to budgets, Skystone consistently delivers services surpassing market standards.

Our Approach to Integrated Services

With our full-service model, Skystone is the outsource Integrity and Emergency Response department for many Oil & Gas companies. In other instances, we provide Field and Engineering Support to in-house teams to ensure their assets are safe and reliable.

Integrated Approach Chart