Jan 30, 2017 – Calgary, AB

Skystone has recently been awarded the AITF


The Industry R&D Associates Program has been designed to support innovation and creative problem solving in Alberta Small and Medium Enterprises. The purpose of the Programs is to stimulate the development and commercialization of novel technological and/or business solutions, while generating risk-weighted returns on investment to the Province of Alberta based on economic, social and/or environmental metrics. The Programs are funded by the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, and is administered by Alberta Innovates.

This research projected is focused on development of a benchmark procedure for in-service non-destructive examination of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) pipes.

FRP pipes are finding an increasing application in many industries including chemical, petrochemical, and energy. One of the main challenges for industry with these products is the lack of a reliable, in-service, non-destructive test that can effectively examine FRP pipelines. 

Promising results were achieved in the first year of the research. This research project is being carried out by Nima Parsi (Pipeline Integrity Specialist) under supervision of Frank Gareau and Alex Tatarov.