Cathodic Protection

Delivering high quality CP services in a timely fashion

Skystone’s Cathodic Protection (CP) department has been our fastest growing service line, with 10 fold growth in the past 6 years. We attribute this growth to delivering high quality services and expertise in a timely fashion. We employ only NACE certified technicians and have developed processes which allow the CP group to guarantee our deliverables of final reports within 30 days of field surveys.

Skystone provides a comprehensive approach to CP incorporating design, material selection, installation, annual surveys, monitoring, ongoing maintenance and indirect assessments.

Cathodic Protection
  • CP design and installation
  • Annual surveys
  • Ongoing maintenance and remedial repairs
  • Remote monitoring units (RMUs)
  • AC Mitigation
  • Data management
Indirect Assessments
  • Close Interval Survey (CIS)
  • Coating evaluations
  • Depth of cover
  • Alternating current voltage gradient (ACVG)
  • Current attenuation
  • Soil resistivity measurements
  • Right of way status and points of interest