Emergency Management

Bringing Technology to Emergency Management and Response

Emergency Management (EM) Services provides emergency planning, response support, field resident consulting and training in emergency preparedness and response. Our technological services are consistently evolving as we work to provide best in class solutions for industry, including callout systems, digital emergency logs and interactive maps that assist in a response situation.

Mapping and drafting services are managed by the EM Department, but provide support to all of Skystone.  The Drafting Department has extensive experience in the development of interactive mapping and schematic solutions. Our Adobe PDF maps are user friendly and allow users to 'switch on' and 'switch off' individual layers of interest (ie pipeline and well information, cathodic protection, pipeline hydro crossings, liquid spill control points, emergency planning zones etc), with assets directly linked to facility drawings, well and pipeline lists, and our asset integrity database.

Emergency Response Planning and Management
  • Plan development and distribution
  • Operator Quick Guides
  • Digital delivery
  • Annual updates
  • Orientation sessions
  • Response zone calculation
  • Heat and flammability modeling
  • Plume dispersion
  • Hazard and risk assessments
Resident Data Capture and Public Involvement Programs
  • Efficient resident consultations
  • Electronic resident information updates
  • FOIP secure, web based residential database
  • Public consultations and open houses
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Government agency communication
  • Hearing participation
Response Support
  • Regional alternate EOC locations
  • Web-based Skystone Response Portal
  • Response call out support through multimedia contact capabilities
  • Call out capability of 10,000 people per second
  • Response evaluations through real-time response tracking
  • Digital emergency log
  • Logistics staff
  • Public safety assistance
Training and Exercise Design and Facilitation
  • ICS Canada certified instructors
  • Full scale and tabletop exercise design and facilitation
  • Incident management and awareness/response training
  • In-house training space
  • Trained exercise participants
Map, Schematics, and Flow Diagram Development
  • GIS or Autocad systems
  • Interactive map layers
  • EPZ, facility details, pipeline information, cathodic protection, hydro crossings and spill control points
  • Process flow diagrams, metering, P&IDs and EPAP schematics
  • Electronic PDF and hard copy delivery