Integrity Projects

Synergy in project management and field delivery

Integrity Projects Services is Skystone’s newest addition to our service capabilities. It provides project management for various integrity and maintenance projects, including planning, procurement, engineering and field supervision.

The synergies between the 5 departments at Skystone are optimized in our Integrity Projects approach. Our field presence and familiarity with operations and facilities provides us with a deep understanding of various field restrictions and budgets that affect integrity projects. Our regionalization allows us to be responsive and guarantee a high level of quality in our service delivery.

Project Management
  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction management
  • Field supervision
  • Inspection
  • Lab analysis
Examples of Projects
  • ILI and integrity dig programs
  • Abandonments and discontinuations
  • Cased pipeline crossings programs
  • Modifications and retrofits engineering and design
  • Turnarounds (plants, vessels, tanks)
  • Various integrity projects and maintenance support