Pipeline Integrity & Engineering

Strong technical expertise to help industry operate safely

Our complete service offering and innovative technological support, allows us to scale solutions to meet the unique needs of a wide range of clients. We have helped numerous clients with day-to-day challenges. We have also solved some of the most challenging cases in pipeline operation in Western Canada. 

Skystone is committed to technological development and offers our clients automated tools for field implementation, such as our automated inspection forms and cell phone based pigging logs. Our commitment to technology also includes state of the art systems in providing real-time, automated risk assessments, used to determine risk ranking and recommended monitoring and mitigation programs.

We have a strong team of engineers from different backgrounds to assist you in operating your pipelines safely and economically. Our team is comprised of Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Material Engineers and Ph.D. specialists. We are actively involved with industry groups and regulatory bodies in an effort to maintain current knowledge of regulations and best practices, as they relate to the operations and maintenance of pipelines. Skystone has authored over 250 pipeline integrity manuals in all the jurisdictions in Western Canada.

Engineering assessments
  • Fitness-for-service Level 1, 2 and 3: Corrosion, cracks, dents, gouges, wrinkles ; Fire damage ; Repair engineering
  • Sweet to sour conversion of pipelines and facilities
  • MOP change
  • Resumption of service
  • Flow reversal
  • Class location study
  • Materials selection: Metallic and non-metallic for different applications
  • Tanks and pressure equipment inspection deferrals
Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Integrity assessments and flow modeling
  • Interpretation of risk profiles
  • Development of program and recommenced mitigation and monitoring plans
  • Field implementation
  • Compliance monitoring and assurance
  • Report delivery including compliance KPIs
  • Training
  • Audit
  • Automated electronic data capture
  • Licensing reviews and amendments