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API 1169 Pipeline Inspector Certification Training (CODEWEST)

Designed for Qualified Pipeline Inspectors

We at Codewest have established an outstanding and consistent record with our course for preparation for the API 1169 inspector examination. We have successfully trained thousands of API 510/570/653 inspectors and we have now launched this service for prospective API 1169 inspectors with a 90% success rate.

The development of this course presented many challenges not the least of which is the myriad documents contained in the Body of Knowledge for this examination. It is totally impossible to structure course material to cover everything listed so we had to decide which of the described documents were most relevant and likely to be sources for exam questions. Also, API has significantly altered the applicable documents, within the Body of Knowledge (BOK) over the first two – three years of the program. A huge change for the April 2017 exam has been implemented by API.

The Codewest course text contains a condensation of selected codes/standards as well as hundreds of sample questions likely to be encountered on the closed book 100 question exam. We are confident that if the student devotes the necessary effort, working after class, within this text that positive results will result.

Unlike our other courses we do not offer a “pre-course study guide” electing instead to recommend that the student devote pre-course activity to reading the materials that will not be included in the course. All applicable documents are listed below – both those included in the course and the ones that constitute recommended reading. Should you have any questions or require additional information please contact Marvin Coats at marvin@codewest.com or 830 832 2112.


Covered in the Course Copyrighted Material…. must be purchased by student

API 1169, Basic Inspection Requirements – New Pipeline Construction

  • All of API 1169 is subject to testing

API 1110, Pressure Testing of Steel Pipelines –

  • Entire document is subject to testing

API 1104, Welding of Pipeline and Related Facilities

  • Test questions will be based on the following portions of the document only:
  • Section 3 through 11 are subject to testing

API Q1, Specification for Quality Programs

  • Test questions will be based on the following portions of the document only:
  • Sections 3 through 5 are subject to testing


ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems – Fundamentals and Vocabulary – Definitions only are subject to testing (Opinion of the instructor – this document not worth the price of purchase)

Non-copyrighted Material included in the course

Available for free download on API Website

ANSI Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes

  • Test questions will be based on the following portions of the document only:
  • Chapter 4, 5, 6, 8 are subject to testing

CEPA/CGA, Practical Guide for Pipeline Construction Inspectors

  • Entire document is subject to testing

CGA (Common Ground Alliance) Best Practices

  • Entire document is subject to testing

INGAA, Construction Safety Guidelines

  • Natural Gas Pipeline Crossing Guidelines
  • Section II – Definitions only are subject to testing

INGAA CS-S-9 Pressure Testing (Hydrostatic/Pneumatic) Safety Guidelines

  • Entire document is subject to testing

29 CFR 1926, Safety and Health Regulations for Construction:

  • Subpart P – Excavations - All

49 CFR 192, Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline: Minimum Federal

  • Safety Standards:
  • Subpart G – General Construction Requirements for Transmission Lines
  • Subpart J – Test Requirements
  • Subpart N – Qualifications of Pipeline Personnel

49 CFR 195, Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline

  • Subpart D - Construction
  • Subpart E – Pressure Testing
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Pollutant Discharge
  • Elimination System - General Permit for Discharges from Construction Activities
  • Entire document is subject to testing
Recommended Reading - not covered in the Course
Non-copyrighted Material not included in the course

Available for free download on API Website

U.S. Federal Regulations

  • The references below will be available to applicants on their computer monitors during the exam. Only those articles and sections specifically listed will be available to applicants.

29 CFR 1910, Occupational Safety and Health Standards

  • Subpart H – Hazardous Materials Article 119
  • Subpart I – Personal Protective Equipment - excluding appendices
  • Subpart J – General Environmental Controls Articles 145-147 – excluding appendices

29 CFR 1926, Safety and Health Regulations for Construction:

  • Subpart C- General Safety and Health Provisions Articles 20-29; Articles 32-35
  • Subpart D- Occupational Health and Environmental Controls Article 62 - excluding appendices
  • Subpart F – Fire Protection and Prevention

Article 152

  • Subpart H- Materials Handling, Storage, Use and Disposal
  • Articles 250 and 251
  • Subpart J – Welding and Cutting
  • Articles 351-354
  • Subpart L – Scaffolds
  • Article 451
  • Subpart M – Fall Protection
  • Articles 500-501
  • Subpart O- Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment and Marine Operations
  • Article 600
  • Subpart U- Blasting and the Use of Explosives
  • Articles 900-902 & 914
  • Subpart CC – Cranes & Derricks in Construction
  • Article 1417

49 CFR 172, Hazardous Materials Table, Special Provisions Hazardous Materials,

  • Communication, Emergency Response Information, Training Requirements, and Security Plans: Article 101 (excluding appendices

40 CFR 300, National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan:

  • Subparts A & E

33 CFR 321, Permits for Dams and Dikes in Navigable Waters of the United States

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Office of Energy Projects

  • Wetland and Waterbody Construction and Mitigation Procedures (2013)
  • Upland Erosion Control, Revegetation, and maintenance Plan (2013)
  • Migratory Bird Permits (50 CFR Part 21) Subpart B

33 USC Chapter 9: Protection of Navigable Waters and of Harbor and River

  • Improvements Generally: Subchapter I Articles 401,403,403a,404, 407

Endangered Species Act of 1973: Sections 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 12

Eliminated ASME Documents from Scope of Examination

The API ICP Committee has elected (inexplicably) to eliminate the following ASME documents from the scope of the examination. Despite the fact that our course is expressly intended to prepare the student for the exam our course still covers certain requirements deemed essential to the performance of the Inspector. There is no need to purchase these documents…all necessary information is covered in the course text.

ASME B31.4, Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquids and Slurries

  • Test questions will be based on the following portions of the document only: 
  • Chapter I through VI are subject to testing

ASME B31.8, Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems

  • Test questions will be based on the following portions of the document only:
  • General Provisions and Definitions
  • Chapter I through IV

Attendee is responsible for their own accommodations.


Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided for the four full days.

Additional Notes

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Benefits of Training with Us

Our instructors have many years of hands on experience in all facets of pipeline design, fabrication, installation, and inspection.  As the leading provider of pipeline and pressure equipment integrity management services, we’re in the perfect position to provide a significant amount of added value beyond just basic awareness of code requirements, including: comparisons of (different) jurisdictional requirements, information on best practices and practical interpretation + application of the various inspection tasks required.

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